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You have made up your mind about starting an online store to sell a particular product but, when you embark on buying a domain name, you find that your ideal name is taken.  Though very frustrating, you need to find an alternative way. Let’s face it; you cannot abandon your dream of starting your e-commerce platform because your domain name is taken. We are going to explain to you candidly the options available in the circumstance.

Contact the web server The first option that is available and makes great sense is to contact the owner of your desired domain name to find out if he can relinquish it for your use. You never know, maybe he’s intention was to register a domain name with the intention of selling it later. You can also offer to exchange the domain name with another domain name if you have one. The best way to tell whether a particular domain name is available for sale is to type the domain name into your browser to find out whether there is a site associated with it. If there isn’t any that pops up, the chances are that the domain name could be available for sale. If the domain name is parked, then the possibility of buying the domain name is high. Just remember always to check the availability of your domain since this will be a key element on your e-commerce strategy.

  1. Alternative domain name registration can remedy the situation

If your preferred domain name is not viable, another excellent way is to make an alternative out of the domain. You should summon your creativity to come up with another meaningful domain name from the original. You can do this by shortening the original domain name, or by giving the domain name a different suffix such as .org, .net, .biz, and so forth. When you decide to use a domain name extension, you should understand their impact on your business. For example, if you use .org domain name extension for your business site, many visitors might think you are offering free service as .org is associated with non-profit organizations.  .info is also associated with websites that provide information and not businesses.

  1. Vanity domain name could be your savior

Vanity domain refers to a domain name that is personalized or created to represent an individual or business. In case you miss out on your desired domain name, you can use a vanity domain name. You can use vanity domain names to give your e-commerce platform a short and memorable name. The goodness of vanity domains is that you could have several of them pointing to your website and thus bringing the much-needed traffic.

  1. Wait for the renewal period

You can wait for the renewal period of the domain. It may so happen that the registered owner of the domain forgets to renew or he just lets it lapse because he no longer wants to pay for the domain anymore. In such a case, you get an opportunity to purchase the domain name. After you get your domain name, you should ensure that the extension you choose supports the kind of activity that you intend to carry out online.


As we have seen, the fact that your intended domain name is taken does not necessarily mean that you can’t proceed with your plans to launch your e-commerce platform. There are alternatives available at your disposal. However, you have to ensure that no matter the situation, in the end, you should have a domain name that easy to type, is simple, and memorable. It should also be useful for SEO purposes.